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You need a second opinion about your money

You can't afford to lose it or waste it

You need a second opinion about your money

You can't afford to lose it or waste it

How Healthy is your Money?

How Healthy is Your Plan For A Successful Retirement?

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A fiduciary, by definition, has a legal duty to always act solely in your best interest, to provide you advice and recommendations that benefit you.

A fiduciary is required to abide by the same strict rules to represent and protect their clients in the identical manner as an attorney.

A Fiduciary, acting in their legal capacity, will protect you, your future, and your family

Your 2nd Opinion

An assessment of your current financial position by someone other than the individual who created your current situation

Your 2nd Opinion will either:

  1. A. Validate your current plan and show you are "on-track" and your plan is sound.
  2. -OR-
  3. B. Uncover areas in your finances that need to be addressed to maximize your chances of attaining your goals.

Your 2nd Opinion Includes:

A simple 8-step process that allows you to learn how to reduce market volatility, increase income for as long as you live, understand and reduce your fees, manage taxation, create a written retirement income plan, all using conservative asset strategies to secure your financial freedom for the rest of your life.

You will finally understand what you are doing with your money.


You will finally understand what you are doing, why you are doing it, how you are doing it, when you are doing it, and how it will benefit you when you put your entire plan into writing.

Minimize Risk

lower risk
How much risk are you currently taking and can you afford to lose any more principal?
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Maximize Income

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How much income can you safely take out of your assets without ever running out of money?
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Evaluate Performance

Bear and bull market
How have your assets performed when the market went up and when it went down, was it as expected?
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Lower Taxes

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Are you currently paying too much income tax now and will you pay even more in the future?
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Reduce Fees

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What are the "visible" and "hidden" costs and fees you are paying and how to reduce them?
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Increase Liquidity

How much short and long-term liquidity do you need and do you have enough?
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Planning For Beneficiaries

Does your current plan accomplish the goals you have for your beneficiaries?
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Written Retirement Plan

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Is your current plan in writing to help you understand exactly what you are doing to eliminate your worries?
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A Message From the CEO

“If you are a retiree or soon-to-be retiree with questions, concerns, or fears about what you should do with your assets, we can help you. This level of service, commitment, and dedication to your success is what retirees and soon-to-be retirees need today to succeed financially. We will do everything we can to ensure your financial security throughout your retirement, receive income for as long as you live, avoid the negative impact of low interest rates, participate in a portion of market gains and pass all remaining assets to your beneficiaries. And we put your entire plan in writing. Talk to one of our agents to design a personalized Retirement Income Roadmap that will make you feel comfortable using the money you saved for retirement without worrying about your income running out.”

Warm Regards,
Jim Files

Meet the founders

Jim Files – CEO

Jim Files“I have founded and successfully ran many businesses and lead one of the companies I started to a public offering. I have always had a love and a knack for business. But in my professional life I have never enjoyed and have never felt so pleased as when I am able to help a retired couple or individual make decisions that dramatically enhance their retirement lifestyle.”

Dan Ahmad – President

Dan Ahmad“I found that I was blessed with a gift to make very complicated subjects understandable to the people I met with. My success in the tax and financial planning industry is due to my philosophy to act first and foremost as an educator and trusted adviser. I love seeing the look in people’s eyes when they finally understand something about finances they may have been struggling with for years.”

Video Series

Sign Up for Our Video Series Today Get Straight Answers On the Following Topics
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income
  • Increase Your Income
  • Protect Your Spouse
  • Retiree Education
  • Asset Transfer
  • Decrease Volatility
  • Eliminate Losses
  • Written Plan
  • Manage Taxation
  • Participate in Gains
  • Reduce Annual Fees

Powerful Solutions For Your Retirement Planning Needs

Do you have a written plan? Most Retirees, even those with Advisors, don’t. Peak Roadmap To Financial Freedom. We make comprehensive simple. We create a customized written plan for you that addresses all 4 of the following problems:
#1 Problem: Most Retirees are afraid their income will not last throughout their entire lifetimes. Their fear can literally stop them from using the assets they had saved for retirement
#1 Solution: Retirement Income Projection - We provide you a 1-page summary of the total amount of income you can expect every year throughout your entire retirement. The annual income you are projected to receive will be broken down into each individual income source. Your retirement income analysis will show when each income source starts, stops, increases, decreases and what is guaranteed. You will no longer have to worry or guess about your income.
#2 Problem: Most Retirees do not know how much income tax they will have to pay on their income distributions. They are afraid of taking money out of their IRAs and other assets because of taxes.
#2 Solution: Income Tax Analysis - We will provide you with a 1-page summary showing the total amount of income taxes you can expect to pay based on all of your various income sources and all of your deductions. You will know what percent of your income you pay in total income taxes. You will also get a clear view of how much net income you will have each month to spend after paying your income taxes. You will no longer have to worry or guess about your income taxes.
#3 Problem: Most Retirees want to leave their remaining assets to their beneficiaries, but they have no idea whatsoever how much money they will actually leave to their beneficiaries.
#3 Solution: Analysis Of Assets To Beneficiaries - We will provide you a 1-page summary showing what you can reasonably expect to leave to your beneficiaries. You will see what could potentially be passed to your beneficiaries after you have earned various hypothetical rates of returns, after you have paid any expenses, and after you have received all of your guaranteed lifetime income payments. You will no longer have to worry or guess about your beneficiaries.
#4 Problem: Most Retirees do not have a written plan, do not understand why they own their current assets, and do not know how to use the assets they have to create guaranteed lifetime income.
#4 Solution: Plan Details in Writing - We will provide you a written summary of your entire plan in easy to understand plain English. We provide a status of your current financial positiojn, what you are trying to achieve, and the step by step process of your plan that is required for you to have the highest probability for a sucessful retirement. You will understand your plan now, and you will remember your plan in the future. You will no longer have to worry or guess about your plan.

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